WIN is intended as a collaborative effort between WashU parents, the Washington University Career Centers and the Parent Programs Office to source paid internships across a range of industries and professions for WashU students. Simply put – WIN seeks to identify and post to all students high quality, paid internships facilitated by WashU parents, with particular focus on those most sought after by our students.

Why is this important?

Whether applying to graduate school or seeking that first job after graduation, the value of a paid internship in a related field of study cannot be overemphasized. Today’s employers and admissions officers have come to expect applicants with real world experience and skills that can only be gained in the workplace. Internships offer our students the chance to establish mentor relationships, gain new skills, confirm their interest in a particular field, and determine their next steps beyond WashU.

Our students’ interests are broad and varied, and we need to grow the variety of opportunities available to all rising sophomores, juniors and seniors.

What can parents do?

  1. Review the list of targeted organizations (PDF) that our students are most interested in
  2. Identify additional high quality, paid internships in your organization that you can facilitate, which we can post to students
  3. Use the WIN “Top Reasons to Hire a WashU Intern” flyer (PDF) if you need help explaining to an organization why it would be beneficial to post their internships at WashU
  4. Complete WIN Internship Data Form to start the WIN process. A member of the Career Center team will be in touch to discuss your company’s offerings in greater detail

As WashU parents and members of the WIN Lead Team, we look forward to working with you to help create exciting internship opportunities for all WashU students!

WIN Lead Team

Many thanks to the four families who serve as the WIN Lead Team. Their commitment to the university and efforts to ensure that our students have as many exciting internship opportunities as possible is much appreciated.

Lynn and Craig Abramowitz – P’18
Natalie and Wes Bush – P’15, P’18
Karen and Bill Dahut – P’19
Mita and Mike Spilo – P’17, P’20