Welcome to the Washington University in St. Louis Career Center! We help students turn their passions into careers, their questions into plans, and their worries into confidence. The Career Center supports students in every step of their career planning with resources and advice unique to each student.

By sending your student to WashU, you’re taking an important first step in preparing them for the professional world. Now, it’s our turn to help. Encourage your student to take advantage of our resources and to come into the Career Center soon and often. We have over 25 career advisors able to focus on your student’s needs. Explore the Students section of this website to learn more about the incredible resources at your student’s fingertips. For information on the amazing opportunities our students pursue after graduation, take a look at our Outcome Data.

Please let us know if we can be of assistance as your student takes their first steps toward life after college.



Mark Smith, JD

Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Career Services

Focus Areas: Alumni, Government, Law, Law School, Public Policy