CAREERlink is a career management system where you can search and apply for jobs, internships, and co-ops, manage your applications, and RSVP for programs and workshops. On CAREERlink, you can also upload and submit application materials such as resumes, cover letters, and other supporting materials like writing samples and portfolios.

Student Login with WUSTL KEY

For more comprehensive help with navigating the CAREERlink system, view the Student Help Guide (PDF). You can also come into Quick Question drop-in hours (Monday–Friday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.) at the Career Center in the Danforth University Center, Suite 110. If you are away from campus, please call us at 314-935-5930.

Update Your Profile

Let us know your interests so we can notify you when employers matching your interests come to campus or post applicable opportunities in our system. To update your profile, log into your CAREERlink account. Click on the Profile link in the header navigation.

Complete the information under the Academic & Career Info tab and either click the Save Changes button to finish or click Next to fill in the Academic Information tab.

Uploading Resumes and Cover Letters

On the Home page of your account, click the Documents link in the header navigation. Then click on the Add New button.

Enter a label to title the document. Please select different titles for the same type of documents (e.g. do not list all your resumes under the same title). Then select the type of document—resume, cover letter, etc. If you select Cover Letter, you will be given the option of typing one in the system or selecting a file to upload.

Click on the Browse button to find the file you wish to upload, and then click Submit

Searching for Jobs

After you have logged into your account, select the My Jobs tab and then select Jobs entered by WU Career Centers. Set the filters for your search or choose the Advanced Search tab for more detailed searching criteria.

You can also search for positions by employer. Click on the Employers tab to view all employers in the system, or search options by beginning letter or by keyword. Once you select an employer, click on the Available Positions tab to view current postings.

Applying for a Job

After you have found a desirable position (see Searching for Jobs above), select the job title from the Search Results page to open the job details. On the right hand side of the page, you will see a section marked Application Status. In this section, you can select the documents you wish to submit. Click Submit to send your application.

Navigating Events & Workshops

Career Fairs & Panels: In general, the large, broad-audience events put on by the Career Center fall under this category (Fall/Spring Career & Internship Fairs, Engineering SLAM, etc.). Another rule of thumb for events under this tab are those with multiple employers or have “panel” in the event’s title.

Employer Programs: Info sessions, info tables, and lunches with a pro are the most common types of event to fall under this tab. Events put on by employers fall under here. Usually the event has no unique title, but simply shows the company’s name (e.g. – Peace Corps, YouTube). You will not be able to determine whether the event is an info session, info table, LWAP, or something else until you click on the company’s name under this tab or refer back to the weekly Career Center Events Newsletter in your email.

Skill-Building Workshops: Events put on by the Career Center that work on niché skill-sets (e.g. – online profiles & social media, dinner etiquette, networking, finding internships in “xyz industry”) fall under this tab. The title of these events are usually very specific.

*Note: Some events do fall under multiple tabs for various reasons. If you have trouble finding a specific event, you can easily search one or multiple words of an event title in each tab’s specific search bar.