You may support the Washington University in St. Louis Career Center in many ways. Whether your gift is large or small, your generosity will help accelerate Washington University’s ascent among the world’s top tier of major universities.

Internship Stipends

Many internships are unpaid and to receive academic credit it must be an unpaid. Funds provided through the Internship Stipend Initiative make students’ experiences economically viable – covering living expenses and wages for students hoping to make a difference. Internship stipends allow students to accept significant internship experiences that they might otherwise have to pass up. Each year over 175 students apply for stipends seeking over $300,000 total dollars.

Road Show Stipends

During breaks, we arrange group visits to companies in cities around the country. Students are responsible for their travel expenses which may make these recruitment events inaccessible to some students. We provide travel stipends to financially eligible students.

Career Fairs

Twice a year we host an all-campus internship and job career fair. These are very expensive events and we offer travel reimbursement to organizations that don’t typically visit campus to due to financial constraints (non-profits) or highly competitive application pools (entertainment companies, advertising agencies, etc).

Student Interviews

Students may land interviews with employers around the country that require the students to pay their own travel expenses. We provide stipends to help those students attend their interviews.

Guest Speakers

Guest professionals are a great way for students to explore career paths and network within a specific industry. Your donation could help bring a top industry professional to campus to engage our students.

For more information, or to make a donation, please contact Jim Beirne.