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Tapping today's talent for tomorrow's challenges

Intelligent. Diverse. Grounded. Well-rounded. Dedicated to making a difference. These are the characteristics critical for organizational success that are exemplified by the students of Washington University in St. Louis. Given our increasingly complex world and workplace, their drive for challenging work and capacity for collaboration and problem-solving are the foundation for tomorrow's leaders.  Here are the facts:

Washington University students are in the highest tier intellectually.

  • Eighth most selective university, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report
  • More than 29,000 applications for 1,500 freshman class positions
  • More than nine out of 10 incoming freshmen place in the top 10% of their high school class
  • Ranked fourth in the nation for number of National Merit Scholars in freshman class
  • Ranked 15th overall by U.S. News & World Report

Washington University is committed to demographic, experiential and intellectual diversity.

  • Nearly 40% of Washington University students are African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, multiracial or international students.  The student body is evenly split between men and women.
  • 90% are from out of state and 65% have traveled greater than 500 miles to attend
  • Draws students and faculty from 50 states and 80 different countries around the world
  • About 40% of students study abroad
  • International student enrollment is at 18%

Washington University students are grounded and well-rounded leaders, who are passionate about making a difference in a team environment.

  • More than 350 campus organizations and 10 student-run businesses
  • 19 Division III athletic teams
  • 67% of undergraduate students participate in community service

Washington University's rigorous multi-disciplinary, problem-solving curriculum molds critical thinking skills.

  • Three out of four pursue multiple majors and/or minors, often in a different school.
  • Liberal arts majors have a course cluster requirement in which they choose pairs of courses in four areas (natural sciences and mathematics, social sciences, language and the arts, and textual and historical studies) in order to deepen their knowledge of subject through multiple disciplines.
  • Students are encouraged to take classes across disciplines, with 90 undergraduate programs, 22 combined programs and 1500 courses offered.

"Knowing Students by Name and Story" is a signature principle and way of life for Washington University professors and staff.

  • Career Center services are high touch and highly individualized.
  • There is an 8:1 student-faculty ratio at Washington University.
  • The Career Center has 25 Career Advisors with academic and experiential backgrounds spanning the seven schools. Advisors include two MDs, one JD, one PhD and 16 master's degrees held.