By The Numbers

15th - Overall Student Ranking

Ranked 15th overall by U.S. News & World Report

+40% - Diverse Backgrounds

Over 40 percent of WUSTL students are from diverse ethnicities or nationalities.

30% - Increased Career Success

Students who proactively use the Career Center are 30% more likely to have plans set within six months of graduation, than those who do not.

350+ - Leadership Opportunities

WUSTL students lead more than 350 campus organizations and 10 student-run businesses.

3/4 - Multidisciplinary Backgrounds

Three out of four WUSTL students pursue multiple majors and/or minors.

67% - Community Service Experience

67 percent of WUSTL students participate in community service.

100+ - Study Abroad Programs

WUSTL offers over 100 study abroad programs in 50 different countries around the globe.

4th - National Merit Ranking

Ranked fourth in the nation for number of National Merit Scholars in freshman class.

90% - Diverse Origins

Over 90 percent of WUSTL students are from out of state and 65% have traveled greater than 500 miles to attend.

9/10 - Top High School Ranking

More than nine out of 10 freshmen place in the top 10% of high school classes.

30,000+ - Large Applicant Pool

Over 30,000 applied for 1,377 freshmen class positions.

40% - Global Exposure

About forty percent of WUSTL students study abroad while in college.

11,000+ - Career Consultations

During the 2011-12 academic year, the career development team met with a record number of students - more than 11,000 interactions.

600+ - Alumni Networking Opportunities

More than 600 students and alumni attended summer and winter parties in 2013.

>70% - Results Orientation

In 2010, more than 70 percent of students with job offers used the Career Center.

4X - Placement Success

In 2010, students who used the Career Center four plus times a semester were more likely to have a job offer than those who visited once.

1,000+ - Full-time Opportunities

In 2013, over 1,000 full-time jobs were posted through the Career Center.

4 - Top 4 Industries for Class of 2014 post-graduate employment

Top 4 Industries for Class of 2014 post-graduate employment: 1) Health, 2) Business and Consulting, 3) Education, 4) Financial Services

3,500+ - Internship Opportunities

In 2011-12, over 3,500 internship opportunities were posted through the Career Center.

1,100+ - Total Employers Offering Opportunities

Over 1,100 employers posted internship and job opportunities.

150+ - New Employers on Campus

More than 150 new employers recruited on campus last year.

398 - On-Campus Student Interviews

Last year, 398 student interviews took place on campus.

20+ - Highly Educated Career Advisors

Career Advisors include one JD, one PhD, two MD's, and 12 master's degrees.

20% - Internships Pay

In 2010, students with internship experience received a 20% higher salary offer on average.