Career Development Skills

It is important to develop key skills essential to a successful job search. The Career Center has a comprehensive variety of resources to help you develop a strategy to meet your career goals.


Internships are an essential part of the college experience. The Career Center encourages you to complete at least one internship before graduating. Internships provide you the opportunity to test-drive a career field, make contacts, build marketable skills and figure out your likes and dislikes within specific industries. Students with internship experience have better success with their job search or graduate school application process.


A resume and cover letter are your first opportunity to sell yourself to an employer. The Career Center provides advising and resources to make your resume and cover letter as effective as possible.


Positions in creative fields such as art and architecture often request or require a showcase of your past work. Find out more information on how to create the best portfolio of your work.


Interviews are a critical part of the job search, and it is important that you be prepared for an interview with an employer. The Career Center has tips, resources, mock interviews, and workshops to help you get ready for interviews.

Networking & Outreach

A great way to make connections and find 'hidden' opportunities is to network. Networking is talking to people to gain insight and information into career fields. The Career Center has tips and information on how to network effectively.

Search Skills

Find out how to hone your job search skills with workshops, information sessions, career advising, and other resources at the Career Center.

Engineering Cooperative (co-op) Program

The Engineering Cooperative (co-op) Program offers a unique opportunity to gain in-depth engineering experience prior to graduation. Students can learn about a field of engineering by working along side practicing engineers on extensive projects, which are typically held by entry-level engineers. Co-ops take internships to another level by offering extensive real work experience lasting seven to eight months (a summer plus a semester).

Referrals and Recommendations

Manage your recommendation files for graduate school and professional opportunities.

Offers and Decisions

Negotiating one or multiple job offers can be difficult. Find out how to help organize your thoughts and priorities when deciding on a job.

Four Year Plan

The Career Center is here to help you in your career process from the moment you enroll at the University. See what steps you should take during each year of your term at Washington University to take advantage of the resources the Career Center has to offer.