Career Development Skills


Your resume and cover letter represent your first opportunity to sell yourself as a great fit for a potential employer. They function as marketing materials that highlight the key experiences and skills you have to offer an organization.

Writing Your Resume & Cover Letter

Effective resumes and cover letters are tailored to demonstrate your motivation, creativity and knowledge about the organization. For more in-depth instructions on how to write and format a professional resume, consult the Resume & Cover Letter Writing Handout (.pdf). If you are transitioning from one career to another, consult the Transitional Resume & Cover Letter Handout (.pdf). Architecture students should consult the Resume & Cover Letter Writing Handout for architectural designers (.pdf)


You can also receive individual attention, support and advice for creating your resume by meeting with an advisor. Call (314) 935-5930 to schedule an appointment.

Quick Questions

The Career Center holds walk-in hours (no appointment needed) for students to come in and have resumes and/or cover letters reviewed. Feedback will ensure that your materials are focused, concise and visually appealing.

Quick Questions hours are held Monday through Friday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. in the Danforth University Center, Suite 110.

Engineering Communications Center

Engineers can also make appointments with the Engineering Communications Center for critiques and reviews of technical resumes and summary statements. Call (314) 935-5463 to make an appointment with an advisor. 

Ready to submit application materials?

Consult the Resume & Cover Letter
Writing Handout (.pdf)
. Or, if you are changing careers, consult the Transitional Resume & Cover Letter Handout (.pdf.)