Mentor a Student


Alumni Career Externship Shadowing Program
The Washington University Alumni Association and the Career Center offer a unique career shadowing experience for undergraduate students. The Alumni Career Externship (ACE) Program is an opportunity for employers to build their brand on campus, scout talent, give back with little time and money committments. This opportunity offers the extern a glimpse of what types of skills, knowledge and capabilities they will need to acquire or develop in order to be successful in a particular industry.

What Will You Do?

Externs shadow their alumni sponsor and are encouraged to attend meetings and presentations, observe how data is analyzed and research is conducted, and perhaps even work on an independent project. Many externs are also introduced to other staff members in the office to better understand how the organization functions and the roles of each area. In addition to career exploration, externs also leave with newly formed relationships and a network of contacts in their target industry.

Student Selection

Students are selected for an externship by the ACE application committee, composed of Alumni Relations and Career Center representatives. Decisions are made on the basis of the quality of the applicants' resume and application letters. Students need not show expertise or experience in the field of the externship for which they apply, but must demonstrate compelling interest and curiosity in their application letters about their host’s field as a possible career option. Interviews will be held on campus before final selection is made.

Externships are unpaid. Travel and/or housing expenses (if necessary) are neither reimbursed nor subsidized.

If you are interested in hosting an extern, contact:
Susan Cohen at (314) 935-7378 or
Jim Beirne at (314) 935-5956 or