About the Career Center

Career Center Staff

Director of the Career Center

Mark Smith, JD

Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean
(314) 935-6489
Industry Focus:
Law School, Legal Careers, Politics/Government

About Mark: I started out in law, and even tried a run in politics. However, I quickly realized that, as a career path, they were both fields that I liked, but did not love. I enjoy advising pre-law students, doing academic advising, and teaching students about networking.


Director of Career Services

Aimee Wittman, MS

Director of Career Services
(314) 935-4435
Industry Focus:
Career Exploration, Management, Psychology/Counseling

About Aimee: When my family and I relocated to St. Louis from Kansas City, I knew that I wanted to work in a career development role. 15 years later, I still love academic and career advising students who are in the beginning stages of their journey. I also enjoy co-teaching Management 200A: Business Fundamentals and Professional Competencies.


Director of External Relations

Jim Beirne

Director of External Relations
(314) 935-5956
Industry Focus:
International Business, Consumer Products, Consulting, Graduate School (MBA Programs), Human Resources, Marketing/Brand Management. Special focus: Latin America.

About Jim: I enjoy coaching students at all stages of the career development process and connecting with campus partners to leverage our work. Prior to this role, I led the Americas recruiting organization for Hewlett Packard, was Director of University Recruitment at General Mills, and worked at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. I have spent a decade in various management positions for International Multifoods, based as an expatriate in Venezuela, Brazil and Canada.




Jocelyn Day

Administrative Assistant
 (314) 935-9658

About Jocelyn:  If you are looking to schedule an appointment or meeting with Mark Smith, look for me!


Career Advising Team

Carol Moakley, MSW

Associate Director - Career Development
(314) 935-4985
Industry Focus:
Health Care/Pre-Med Advising, Nonprofit Administration, Psychology/Sociology, Social Work, Writing

About Carol: My background is in human services, health care, and education. In addition to career advising, I am an academic and pre-med advisor, and co-teach the Praxis Capstone class. I'm the "Sophomore point person" in our office. I love working with campus partners to advance career development thinking and planning on campus.

Michael Chapin, MS, MEd

Assistant Director, Career Development - Engineering
(314) 935-7470
Industry Focus:
Engineering – all disciplines, Biotechnology, Consulting, Construction, Education, Graduate School, Management, Human Resources, Manufacturing & Operations, Organizational Development, Sales, Sports, Aerospace

About Michael: Having worked in the corporate world for almost 10 years as a Human Resources leader, I have hired and worked with many engineering and technical professionals. I also spent several undergraduate years as a student-athlete. I enjoy supporting students through weekly “Quick Advising Hours” in the School of Engineering and the Athletic Center. I present frequently to groups including the Engineering Virtual Seminar, and through StrengthsQuest and Mentor Programs. My Twitter name @ChainsawChapin came about because of my personal career development decision making that speaks to findings one’s passion and purpose, setting a plan, and taking action to make it happen.

Susan Craig, MA, MPA

Career Consultant
(314) 935-5930
Industry Focus:
UCollege students, Midcareer transitions, Government, Think Tanks, Public Policy, Intelligence, National Security, Military

About Susan: I have worked in politics and government since graduating from college, and have moved a lot in the process. I’ve lived in Washington, DC (three times), Boston, Kansas, and Hawaii. Here at WU, I teach Politics and International Affairs at University College. I really enjoy mentoring students and making them aware of all the opportunities to work for the government, both inside and outside of DC.

Jennifer Finney

Career Consultant
(314) 935-5930
Industry Focus:
Abroad (Working), Biotechnology, Energy/Utilities, Engineering, Sustainability/Ecology/Conservation, Operations/Quality Control, Pharmaceuticals, Product Development, Technology

About Jennifer: After graduating from WU with a degree in Electrical Engineering, I worked for a startup biomedical company for 7 years, including working in Germany. I love working in the career center where I can combine my technical background and experience with my passion for helping students in their search.

Erika Fitzgibbon, MEd

Career Consultant
(314) 935-4157
Industry Focus:
Architecture, Nonprofits, Psychology/Counseling/Sociology, Social Work

About Erika: I work with students of all backgrounds and interests, though I'm particularly experienced with Architecture career advising and programming. I'm a proponent of hard work and flexibility in the job search. (I didn't get hired at WU on the first try... let’s just say persistence and networking paid off!)

Andy Harber, SPHR

Career Consultant
(314) 935-5930
Industry Focus:
Business, Consulting, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Film/TV Production, Human Resources, Legal Careers, Organizational Development, Politics/Government, Real Estate, Social Work

About Andy: I am a certified Human Resources professional with 25+ years of diverse leadership experience. I have held senior roles at Thompson Coburn LLP, Jacobs Engineering, and Sigma-Aldrich Corporation and worked with others to find, assess, and hire new employees. At WU, I support undergrads, graduate students (the Brown School), and alumni on self-assessment, career exploration, resume and cover letter development, interviewing skills, networking, and negotiation strategies.

Amy Heath-Carpentier, MA, Doctoral Candidate

Assistant Director, PreGraduate School and Career Development
(314) 935-4459
Industry Focus:
Graduate School, Education, Working Abroad, International Relations, Foreign Policy, Lobbying, Politics/Government, Research Opportunities, Sustainability/Ecology/Conservation, Thank Tanks/NGOs

About Amy: I work with undergraduate students who are seeking to continue their studies in a graduate program. I also have expertise in government, public policy, think tanks, NGOs and education. However, my background is broad (B.A. and M.A. in Religious Studies, worked in the tech industry...) and I'm happy to meet with anyone!

Patricia Katzfey, MEd, MBA

Assistant Director, Career Development
(314) 935-5930
Industry Focus:
Abroad (working), business, financial analytics, entrepreneurship, marketing, communications, counseling, psychology/clinical, social services, environmental & sustainability, economics, strategy, general advising

About Patty: I bring my education and experience in marketing and product development to my role as a career and academic advisor. I often work with international students. As the "freshman point person" on our team, I support new students and those who are just starting to explore career options.

Nancy Klepper, MA, MComH

Career Consultant
(314) 935-5930
Industry Focus:
PUBLIC HEALTH: maternal child health, environmental health, epidemiology, infectious diseases, women's health, addictions. GLOBAL HEALTH: disaster management, food security and nutrition, oral health, bio-terrorism, child health, health technology

About Nancy: Public and global health are my passions. I worked for many years as a teacher, involving my students in community projects. Teaching in the Dept. of Community Medicine, St. Louis University Medical School for over 25 years, I also directed an International Health program. My overseas experiences have included living and working in Zambia, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, China and Great Britain. I completed my masters degree in International Community Health from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, England.

April McLellan, MEd

Assistant Director, Career Development
(314) 935-9316
Industry Focus:
Advertising/Marketing/PR, Career Exploration, Graduate School, Journalism/Broadcasting/Print Media, Psychology/Counseling/Sociology, Student Affairs

About April: My background in writing and public relations gives me a solid base for coaching students on how to present themselves to employers. I like to help students consider and build their professional image through cover letters, e-mail, interviewing skills and other ways of communication and relationship management.

Deanna McPherson, MPH, MSW, LMSW

Career Consultant
(314) 935-5930
Industry Focus:
Public Health, Social Work, Counseling, Non-profits, Graduate School: Public Health and Social Work

About Deanna: I have over 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector as well as the Federal Government within health education, public health and most recently, social work settings. I also bring global health experience as I have volunteered abroad in global health capacities through various non-profit agencies. I enjoy working with students who have a mutlitude of interests in public/global health and social work in helping to expand the field with more creative and insightful minds.

Jen Meyer

Assistant Director, Career Development - Art
(314) 935-9298
Industry Focus:
Art, Art Administration, Design, Fashion, Fine Arts, Museums/Cultural Institutions

About Jen: I received a BA in both Literature and Creative Writing (poetry), the only major mix with a less obvious career path than a degree in art. I began my career at a PR agency, and have worked in arts marketing/administration. At WU, I teach pro-practices and advise art and design students.

Martin Padilla, MArch

Assistant Director, Career Development - Architecture
(314) 935-4157
Industry Focus:
Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Graphic Design

About Martin: I earned my Masters in Architecture from Washington University in 2001, and now am both a practicing architect and a career advisor for architecture students. I enjoy supporting undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni, as they enter a profession that was hit hard by the recent recession but is now rebounding. This support includes 1 to 1 advising, design-centered / professional development workshops, Architecture Career Fair, and Road Shows – local and national.

Michaele Penkoske, MD

Career Consultant
(314) 935-4157
Industry Focus:
Pharmaceuticals, Medical School, Public Health, Research Opportunities, Sports/Athletics

About Michaele: I practiced medicine as an Internist, and now enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge from the medical field with Prehealth students. I like to see students early in their time at WU to learn about specific tools they will use over the course of their lifetime.

Patricia Penkoske, MD

Career Consultant
(314) 935-5930
Industry Focus:
Medical school, Public Health, Research possibilities, Pharmacy, Audiology

About Patricia: I have been a practicing physician for many years, first as a cardiac surgeon and more recently an intensive care unit physician at Barnes Hospital. My areas of expertise are counseling students interested in pre health fields including medicine, public health, and pharmacy. This includes planning internships, mock interviews, gap year plans, and general planning of undergraduate years.


Michelle Repice, PhD

Assistant Director, Graduate and Postdoctoral Career Development
(314) 935-3568
Industry Focus:
PhD Candidates, Postdoctoral Appointees in disciplines seeking careers in Academic, Government, Industry, and Non-Profit Organizations 

About Michelle: I work with graduate students and postdoctoral appointees in all disciplines. My background includes higher education administration, non-profit policy research, and consulting. As a WashU PhD (History), I enjoy supporting PhD students and postdocs in career exploration, professional development, and especially in crafting written materials to communicate their qualifications for a variety of career paths.


Phoebe Richards

Career Development Coordinator
(314) 935-3975
Industry Focus:
Mock Interviews, Performing Arts, Student Group Programming/Outreach, Resumes/Cover Letters, Career Assessment

About Phoebe: As a WU undergrad, I was involved primarily in theater. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with my degree, but I did know I wanted to work with and help people, and learn some new skills along the way. I enjoy working with our Career Peer team, and with students from all backgrounds.

Michael Salamone, MBA

Career Consultant
(314) 935-5930
Industry Focus:
Corporate finance and Banking, Non-Profit Administration, Career Exploration, General Advising

About Michael: My career spans 25+ years in corporate and international finance as Treasurer and CFO of several Fortune 500 companies and a non-profit organization. I am a native Spanish speaker with significant work experience in Europe. I look forward to helping and advising students with diverse academic backgrounds and interests, regardless of whether your career objectives are well-defined or evolving.

April Shinell, MSW

Assistant Director, Career Development
(314) 935-8239
Industry Focus:
Graduate School, Nonprofits, Psychology/Counseling/Sociology, Social Work, Social Services

About April: My professional background is in human services and government. In addition to advising Social Work students and others interested in the non-profit sector, I enjoy program planning, delivering presentations, and creating partnerships. I am proud to be a Brown School Almna.

Clarissa Smith, MSPT

Career Consultant
(314) 935-5930
Industry Focus:
Healthcare Career Exploration, Healthcare Graduate Programs (OT, Speech Pathology, etc), Medical School, Physical Therapy Graduate School

About Clarissa: I currently work at St. Luke's Hospital and Surrey Place Rehabilitation in Chesterfield, MO, where I practice physical therapy in the acute care and inpatient rehabilitation settings. I primarily advise pre-health students.

Arlene Taich, PhD

Assistant Director, Graduate and Postdoctoral Career Development
(314) 935-6553
Industry Focus:
PhD Candidates, Postdoctoral Appointees in disciplines seeking careers in Academic, Government, Industry, and Non-Profit Organizations

About Arlene: I coach graduate students and postdoctoral appointees in all disciplines. My background includes nearly 20 years of collegiate experience as a tenured professor, dean and provost followed by a decade of industry experience which included service as an officer of two Fortune 100 corporations.

Jingy Yen, MS

Assistant Director, Career Development
(314) 935-8626
Industry Focus:
Career Exploration, Consulting, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Psychology/Sociology, Pre-Med, Entertainment

About Jingy: I was a Resident Advisor at WU and still really enjoy interacting with and supporting students. I especially work with students interested in consulting and international students. I do lots of mock interviews including case and medical school mocks.


Employer Relations Team

Suzanne McIver

Associate Director, Employer Relations
(314) 935-9642 
Industry Focus:
Architecture, Consumer Products, Management Consulting, Nonprofit Administration & Services, Public Health & Health Services, Social & Legal Services and Teaching.

About Suzanne: I began my career in sales with Kraft Foods which ultimately led me to pursue executive recruiting for the consumer goods industry. With a strong passion for recruiting, business development and relationship building, I joined the Employer Relations Team in Washington University's Career Center.

Molly Burkot

Assistant Director, Employer Relations
(314) 935-3977
Industry Focus: Finance & Banking, Government, Healthcare/Public Health, Nonprofit Administration and Services, Policy & Advocacy, Politics & Lobbying, Retail/Merchandising & Fashion, Social & Legal Services, Think Tank & NGO

About Molly: I started my career as an Admissions Counselor and Assistant Director of Student Services at Washington University School of Law. I then took a position at a well-known recruiting firm to further my breadth of experience in the recruiting world. Working with companies such as Energizer, Goodyear, Heineken, Hershey, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg, and Post allowed me to get a great sense of what these companies look for in a new hire. I then took that knowledge and put it to good use working for WU's Career Center connecting employers and alumni with WU's outstanding students. 


Sherrie Aach

Assistant Director, Employer Relations
(314) 935-6118
Industry Focus:

About Sherrie: For the past 11 years my focus has been helping companies find top talent here at Washington University. I thrive on uncovering what makes a company great and unique from the others they compete with for top talent. I take pride in connecting companies with high potential students by building an innovative campus recruiting strategy that wil help them identify, engage and hire the right students.

Throughout my tenure with the Career Center, I have had the privilege building and maintaing long-standing partnerships with Fortune 500 high growth/global organizations including AT&T, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Google, Deloitte, Accenture, Bain, ZS Consulting, Boeing, Anheuser-Busch, Procter & Gamble, Facebook, Square, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.

Kelly R. Cannon

Employer Relations Assistant
(314) 935-9005

About Kelly:

Sarah Jennings

Assistant Director, Employer Relations
(314) 935-4671
Industry Focus: Entertainment, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Nonprofit, Higher Education

About Sarah: I started my career at a recruiting agency where I specialized in recruiting for the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. After a few years, I began looking for career options in the education and nonprofit sectors. I wanted to bridge together my passion for relationship building, recruiting, and education. Through researching and networking I found my career at the Washington University in St. Louis Career Center! I enjoy building partnerships with employers and alumni in a variety of industries to help bring new job and internship opportunities to WashU students. Outside of work I enjoy trying to restaurants around town, volunteering with various nonprofits, and taking my daschhund, Murphy, to the park!

Sue Kruessel

Assistant Director, Employer Relations
(314) 935-4354
Industry Focus:
Agriculture, Construction, Energy/Utilities, Engineering, Health Care, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation

About Sue: In addition to connecting with employers in the above industries, I coordinate the Engineering Co-op Program. SEAS students have the option to work full-time, alongside experienced engineers, for a summer AND a semester and gain in-depth engineering experience before they graduate. I also assist engineering students to determine if their work experience meets all the criteria of the Co-op Program and thus authorizing CPT


Casey Jenkerson

Coordinator, Employer Relations
(314) 935-
Industry Focus: 

About Casey: Throughout my career I have specialized in recruiting in the Information Technology, Healthcare and Nonprofit Industries. I am thrilled to bring my experience to the Washington University Career Center to build relationships with Employers and Alumni through various markets to grow internship opportunities for students. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and being outdoors!


Communications & Events Team

Scott McIntosh

Events Manager
(314) 935-9442

About Scott: I started my professional career in Los Angeles as a promotions and events coordinator. In my current role I collaborate on communications, work with a team to coordinate programming, perform data analysis, and provide etiquette instruction. Outside the University, I volunteer with several nonprofits including my neighborhood association, Benton Park West. I have a passion for architecture, sustainability, and community building.

Nancy Nigh

Communications Manager
(314) 935-9440

About Nancy: As a graduate of the MBA program at Olin, I am thrilled to be helping WashU students follow their passion through the Career Center. My business experience includes marketing to consumers, mass markets and independent retailers in a variety of industries. In my spare time I enjoy acting on stage and in film.

Logan Short

Communications Coordinator
(314) 935-8229

About Logan: Working at my university's newspaper was a real joy, some of my jobs after college were not. That's because I just took jobs to have a job instead of pursuing what I was passionate about. With both parents as teachers, I appropriately landed in marketing for higher education.



Allison Simpson

Peace Corps Campus Representative
(314) 935-4166

About Allison: I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in South Africa from 2013-2015 with the Community HIV Outreach Project. Now I’m a Masters of Social Work student here at the Brown School. I love connecting passionate, service-minded students with opportunities to serve overseas with the Peace Corps!